Thursday, 21 March 2019

100 word writing challenge

Room 4 watched an interesting you tube clip then had to write a short passage of 100 words We had some awesome examples. Check out the clip and a few examples of writing below. 

One day I came out of my hole to visit the gym. I heaved to my trap. I thought “right, I have the courage and strength to of this”. I stood on my trap and waited. A millisecond later, something crunched me down. I laid down in a comfortable position. I waited to gather up all my strength I had. Suddenly I started lifting up the crossbar of the trap. I pushed it up and pulled it down, up, down, up down. That was to train my biceps and triceps. Then I started doing sit ups with the crossbar.

Once upon a time there was a little mouse. He smelt cheese so he walked out of his little cubby hole and he started nibbling on a piece of cheese, that was on a mouse trap. Then the mouse started feeling funny and woke up right on top of the mouse trap, WHAM! For a few moments there was silence then the mouse started doing push-ups! That cheese must of had some type of super power serum or something, because the mouse started doing the core then broke out of the mouse trap. He became the super mouse. He was so famous.

I just woke up from a long sleep, dreaming that I was the king of cheese land. Suddenly I woke up smelling the delicious scent of my favourite food. Cheese! I combed my fur and got ready for a delicious breakfast, out I went. Sniff, tip toe. I didn’t want to be caught by the old mean cat called ginger. If I was the owner of the big meanie I would call it mouldy ginger biscuits! (That's how he looks!). Chew, swallow. Snap! Luckily I didn’t do my morning workout and now was just the right time!

As the mouse crept out of it suddenly turned to face a piece of…CHEESE. The mouse thought dinner was served. But there was an object under the cheese. The mouse touch a couple of bites then inspected the object when… SNAP it was a trap. All was silent till then the mouse counted and the mouse pushed the trap bar up, down, up and down pumping the blood throw his veins. A week later the housekeeper came home from work and was surprised to see the food cupboard opened and all of the cheese gone and saw a mouse!!!

Once upon a time there was a house and that had lots of mice. One day a mouse wanted to find food outside the house because he was too hungry and he was excited as well. He could smell the yummy cheese. He went near the mouse trap and he had a bite of the cheese and SNAP.!!!!! He couldn't breathe but suddenly one two three the surprising thing happened, he started to do push ups. He has super power again, push, push and push push push. He got the energy to do push ups again, the exciting mouse was doing fitness and that fitness was push ups.

The mouse crept along the squeaky floorboard. He could smell nolans extra strong cheese.he creeps further along the floorboard.he finally finds the cheese he nibbles it slowly savouring every bite of  the cheese. mm how tasty. He crawls in every direction so he can nibble all of the cheese until ....snap he slowly breathes less air comes through his body he is slowly dying suddenly he feels adrenaline running through his veins he pumps the the bar up and down,
Nolans extra strong cheese
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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

2019 Duathlon

Well done to everyone who participated in todays school duathlon. It was a very hot day but you all dug in and gave it your best shot. 

Thursday, 7 March 2019



for the fantastic presentation at assembly. I am very proud of you. Not only for the fantastic presentation but also for being determined to win the Walk Wheel Trophy. You guys are Awesome. 

CONGRATULATIONS ALSO TO HURUNUI for winning the Swimming House Trophy. 

Sunday, 3 March 2019


Wow it is hard to believe that we are into March already, and that we have just finished week 5 of the first term. The time is racing away on us. 


Gill Latimer: Wow 30 years at one school. Good bye and Good Luck to Gill for the time she has spent teaching many of our students. 

Christchurch Boys High School students: The guys will be coming to our school for the next few weeks to teach us some skills around a range of sports. Which group were you in?

Senior School Swimming:
Well done to everyone for their participation in the Senior School swimming sports. A number of Room 4 students will get a chance to participate int eh West Zone Swimming Sports in a couple of weeks. 

MAMMALS: At the moment we are reading about a range of Mammals: What more do you want to find out about your Mammal? 

NEXT WEEK: Coming up in week 6: 
Monday: Boys High Students:
Tuesday: E Asttle Reading
Wednesday: National Walk/Wheel Day: Boys High Students
Thursday: Room 4 is on Assembly

This Wednesday, March 6th is our New Zealand National Walk/Wheel day. It would be awesome to have heaps of Ilam children taking part in this. Even if you drop your children off just 10 minutes away from school that would be a great effort to support our school and our country in this initiative. We are also having this as a mufti day and a gold coin donation opportunity for our sponsored child, Diakari. Thank you, Ilam School Council.